Our range of brushless synchronous servo motors with permanent magnets (PMSM) satisfy every requirement for reliability, performance as well as the best quality and price ratio.

We can supply brushless servomotors forIndustrial Automation, Robotics and Machine Tools applications. Our standard series covers from 0.19Nm to 410Nm with flange dimensions from 40mm to 320mm. We can provide custom solution with torque up to 1000Nm


Direct Drive

Direct Drive solutions are applied to either low speed (torque motors) or high speed (spindle motors).

Compared with conventional mechanical motor-transmission systems, the torque motor has acceleration and speed values which guarantee the best performance and a notable simplification of the mechanical parts and powertrain.


We supply, together with our motors, cables with connectors, precision reduction/planetary gears and other accessories capable of satisfying every customer's need.

We have a complete range of accessories for servomotors suitable for all sectors and industrial applications.

Zero Emissions

Our company is continually engaged in research and development for motors with better performance and with reduced consumption, for applications in the field of renewable sources and in light traction.

We supply High Power motors with superior characteristics to the standard IE4, in a MEC casing. We have available, a vast range of generators for mini hydro, wind, and electric motors for electric vehicles.