Our team uses the most modern CAD software tools to design our motors. The interface with the fully internalized production department allows us to follow the development of projects closely and to shorten the realization times.

Test Field

The internal test room is equipped with torque meters, multimeters, wattmeters and data loggers for measuring the mechanical, electrical and thermal performance of the motors. Mainly dedicated to the validation of new products, according to customer needs, specific performance verification tests can be carried out.


With 4 CNC vertical machining centers, 4 CNC lathes, grinders, other manually controlled machines, our internal workshop, starting from raw materials, realizes all the components for our standard series and the components for custom projects, thus allowing us to guaranteeing excellent flexibility and quality to our customers while remaining competitive on the market.


Our winding department makes use of the experience accumulated over the years in the field of electric motor repair. The possibility of making the windings internally is a further fundamental factor to guarantee flexibility and quality to our customers.


The motors are fully assembled in our production departments ensuring an additional level of quality thanks to the experience of our employees.


Our assembly departments are equipped to wire our motors with the most popular connection systems and, if necessary, create specific wiring for the customer's application.

End Line Testing

In order to guarantee the testing of the many feedbacks available in our catalog, we have built our end-of-line benches in-house. In order to ensure high product quality. Our benches check the main motor parameters and the correct zeroing and quality of the transducer signals.

Client Support and repair Service

Our experience in repairing any type of electric motor extends over 50 years. Strengthened by this history, we today offer our clients a servicing facility and great ability in support for, and in the repair of, electric motors. A 360° consultancy completes our service guaranteeing our clients, competence, and the capacity to find new solutions.
Assistance, installation and repair services are strictly reserved for the motors of our production.