From 1957, we have focused on Electric Motors.

Today, our business is concentrated on the planning, construction and sale of Brushless Motors for the Industrial Automation sector. Special motors and generators and related accessories complete our sales programme.
With the Monza headquarters, the new production establishment and the sales branch, we occupy an overall 3,000 m² of roofed space and employ 35 people.


Our future projects provide for constant growth with expansion of our range, mainly in innovative sectors such as energy saving and renewable sources, as well as the development of International Markets.
Our strong points are: High quality standards; client satisfaction; personalized applications on request by clients.



Attention to innovation, research and the development of new solutions makes us the ideal partner for the most demanding clients looking for high performance solutions.
The ratio between price and quality which we offer is amongst the most competitive on the European market.

Points of Strength


The whole process is carried out internally; from planning to testing, our motors are of our own exclusive production.

The range includes:
• Brushless servo motors of the DSM5 series from 0.1 to 1,000 Nm SPMSM
• High performance EcoPm synchronous motors of the IE4 and IE5 classes (
• Permanent magnet DSG generators for wind and hydro applications
• Direct Drive Servo motors for low speed and high speed applications
• Synchronous and a-synchronous, frame-less rotor-stators for integration into OEM machines



We can create solutions which are customized according to the applicative, functional and dimensional requirements of our clients.

For example:
• Pre-arrangement for integrated electronics
• Cored shafts, special shafts and flanges
• Liquid or air forced cooling
• Frameless solutions
• Cabling and feedback to clients’ specifications
• Other customization requested by the client



Consistently with our presence in the renewable energy and electric traction fields, manufacturing Zero Emission Generators and Motors, since 2011 we have achieved complete energy independence with the installation of a 70 Kw photovoltaic system on the roof of the headquarter in Monza.
Our experience in the field of permanent magnet motors and generators allow us to operate successfully in the field of sectors with high technological content.

For example:
• Brushless servo motors for robotics, automation and for machine tools
• We can offer solutions in the field of alternative energy with a range of high performance generators
• Our range of high efficiency motors places us at the apex of technology for energy savings
• Light traction for completely electric vehicles sees us employed on numerous applications



Our motors are present in tens of thousand machines distributed and installed all over the world.

You are invited to contact us for any requirement, or consult the list of distributors.